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6. Winter Sprint Cup Finswimming 2007

Swim and Sports Club Halle, Beethovenstraße 7, 06110 Halle
Teax 0345 120 74 89, Finswimming

Homepage/Email: • mail(a)


Sunday, 23. January 2011


Indoor Swimming Pool - Halle Neustadt, An der Schwimmhalle 4, 06122 Halle


09.00 a.m.

Warming Up:

09.00 - 10.0 a.m.

Opening speech:

10.10 a.m.

First Start:

10.10 a.m.


9.30 a.m.


9.30 a.m.

Swimming Pool:

Measures: 50m x 21m
Number of lines: 8- Wave Killer Lines
Water Depth: 1,80m
Water Temperature: 26 °C
Timekeeping: electronical

Order of Competitions:

01 50m APNOE Female
02 50m APNOE Male
03 400m SURFACE Female
04 400m SURFACE Male
05 50m SURFACE Female
06 50m SURFACE Male
07 50m Freestyle leg Girls 2000 2002
08 50m Freesyle leg Boys 2000 2002
09 200m SURFACE Female
10 200m SURFACE Male
11 800m SURFACE Female
12 800m SURFACE Male

30 min break + 50m coaches fubber fins sparkling wine + torte race prior to starting 2nd part

13 100m IMMERSION Female
14 100m IMMERSION Male
15 50m SURFACE Backstrocke Girls 2000 2002
16 50m SURFACE Backstrocke Boys 2000 2002
17 100m SURFACE Female
18 100m SURFACE Male
19 50m SURFACE freestyle Girls 2000 2002
20 50m SURFACE Freestyle Boys 2000 2002
21 400m IMMERSION Female
22 400m IMMERSION Male
23 4x50m SURFACE Female
24 4x50m SURFACE Male


e-mail to meldung (at) or
mail to: SSC Halle, Holzplatz 7a, 06110 Halle, Germany,
mail (at); to 13.1.2008 - 22.00 a.m.

Application Fee:

7,- € per competitor; 7,- € per relay team


SSC HALLE; Stadt- und Saalkreissparkasse Halle; IBAN: DE23 8005 3762 0384 3113 96 BIC/SWIFT Code: NOLADE21HAL Application Fee WSP 2006 >>Name of Club<<

Individual and club evaluation. Based on a 1000-points index ac-cording to the German record list. The summation of the scores of the individual evaluation of four competitions 50 ST or 400 IMMERSION, 50 SURFACE or 400/800 SURFACE, (only one race for evaluation) 100 SURFACE or 100 IMMERSION, and 200 SURFACE) results in the total score, that contributes to the final evaluation. All contributions will be honored with certificates and the times will be recorded in the protocol.

Evaluation classes:

Individual and relay evaluation in the age-groups
Juniors 91 94
Youth 95 97
Children 98 2000
Masters M1 77 63
Masters M2 62 earlyer

Award ceremony:

The winner of the first to 6th places of the Open Evaluation recive Cups and certificates. The winner of the age-groups receive Cups and certificates up to place 3. The evaluation for children is hon-oured up to place 6. The club with the highest total score receives a reveive ground and engraved glass challenge cup that can be won three times in succession. Last year winner is the club TC Harz.

Competition Jury:

Is formed by the team leaders of the participating clubs. Each club has to contribute one referee for 2 to 7 starting participants, for more participants two referees have to be contributed.
For not con-tributing a referee a fee of € 30 will be charged (only german Clubs)

Is formed by the team leaders of the participating clubs. Each club has to contribute one referee for 2 to 7 starting participants, for more participants two referees have to be contributed.

For not contributing a referee a fee of € 30 will be charged.


in written form, within 30 minutes after announcement upon depositing € 30.


if booked in advance (2,50 € each, until 10.1.07) lunch can be taken in the canteen of the sport school.

General Terms:
  1. For the competition the terms of the CMAS in the version of the VDST apply. All clubs and teams that want to attent are qualified for participation. An examination re-port by a sports physician has to be available and has to be submitted prior to the com-petition. VDST clubs submit starting passes.

  2. For clubs and teams that are not members of the VDST the authorization to compete is restricted to the fin swimming distances and 50 Apnoe.

  3. The examination report by the sports physician has to be issued within the last year. Participants without valid medical examination are excluded from the competition.

  4. For all IMMERSION disziplins filled IMMERSION gauges have to be brought along (filling pressure max. 200 bar, with valid TÜV inspection). For transporting please observe the regulations regarding hazardous goods.

  5. Participants attend the competition at their own risk. The organizer and the host do not assume no liability, if insurance coverage is not provided.

  6. It is possible to test and buy equipment during the competition from Triton, Leaderfins, Waterway, Yakovlev, Kershkov, BIN FIN, GsKis, Hyperfins, Skorjenko, Darnitsa, Mat-Mas, Specialfins and other.

Jörg Hoffmann
Sport Guard
SSC Halle